Gästekommentar Ferienhaus Porto Palo 1 ~ Aufenthalt Oktober 2011

Feedback zum Ferienhaus Porto Palo 1 von Familie Giorgia and Gerald Dahlmann aus Zürich (CH)
Aufenthalt in Oktober 2011 im Ferienhaus Porto Palo 1


Weiterempfehlung: Ja

Dear Zina, dear Elisa


our holiday in Porto Palo in October has been so nice! The house is really confortable and spacious.


We all loved the space outside, the kids were playing a lot and we felt relieved to leave them outside without fearing any danger. we also enjoyed a lot the possibilty to cook,to grill (the fish from Sciacca!) and to eat outside! Ah, almost forgetting, the kids want me to thank again Zina for the many toys and the Batman sheets!!

Grazie ragazze, Elisa: ci sentiamo! Zina: torniamo a trovarvi!
Giorgia and Gerald Dahlmann


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13. November 2011